Panoply 2024

The students in TCH COM 5540 Advanced Layout and Design wrote all the stories for the 2024 issue of Panoply, the department's annual newsletter. Drawing from this pool of stories, each student designed and laid out a version of the 2024 issue (covering the calendar year 2023). Below are examples of their designs.

Complete Newsletter

Summer Potter

This is the cover of Summer Potter's version of the 2024 edition of Panoply, the newsletter of S&T's ETC Department. It shows alumna Megan Kean standing on a glacier in Alaska.

Martha Dey

This cover for Panoply 2024 was designed by Martha Dey.

Page Sets

Summer Potter

Portia Ofori-Benefo

Chilotom Ojukwu

Portia Ofori-Benefo

Individual Pages

Abigail Boafo

Chilotam Ojukwu