Your career in technical communication

The job outlook for our technical communication graduates is very promising. According to the most recent data (2014) from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, median pay for a technical writer is $69,030 per year. The number of technical writer or communicator jobs in the country was listed as 52,000 in 2014, and is expected to grow by 10 percent, or 5,300 jobs, over the next 10 years.

Career opportunities

As a technical communicator, you will be expected to bridge the gap between specialists and non-specialists. You might create help systems and tutorials for users of new software, design multimedia presentations for special interest groups, write instructions and dialogue boxes for video games, edit print manuals or online documentation for government agencies or conduct training seminars and lead project teams in industry.

Popular position titles for technical communicators include documentation manager, information (or content) developer, online help developer, instructor or professor of technical communication, technical editor, technical writer, usability specialist and Web designer.

Getting started

We are committed to your success beyond academic studies. To begin this "parallel education" it is important that you take advantage of the resources available on campus. In Norwood Hall you will find two important resources: the Career Opportunities Center (COC), located in Room 304, and the Center for Personal and Professional Development (CPPD), located in Room 204. The COC provides instruction in resume writing, interview skills (with mock interviews), career-seeking advice and a library of job ads and resources from which to begin your job search. CPPD helps you determine your interest and abilities, enabling you to set appropriate career goals. You will find CPPD also has information regarding graduate school tests such as the GRE, LSAT, and MAT.