Bachelor of Arts in English

Our department offers two versions of the English degree for undergraudates: (1) a Bachelor of Arts and (2) a Bachelor of Arts with a secondary education emphasis, which is for students interested in teaching high school English and language arts.

Students with a secondary education emphasis must enter the Teacher Education Program. The program can be completed in four academic years. Student teaching is arranged with public schools within 30 miles of campus.

Students in both versions of the English degree must complete the experiential learning requirement.

Bachelor of Arts

Admissions requirements:

Degree requirements:

  • Prerequisites are ENGL 1211, 1212, 1221, and 1222. Six of these hours will also satisfy the general education humanities requirements for the B.A.
  • 24 hours of English course work at the 2000 and 3000 levels, including English 2002 Critical Approaches to Literature and English 4290 Texts and Contexts
  • Of these 24 hours, a minimum of fifteen hours must be at the 3000 level. Only nine hours at the 2000 level may count towards fulfilling the major requirements

Departmental contact:

Dr. Kristine Swenson

Secondary Education emphasis area

Admissions requirements:

  • Complete 60 hours of course work
  • GPA of 2.75 Cumulative & 3.0 Content
  • Meet minimum required score on MoGEA (former CBASE)
  • Complete "C" or higher in Eng 1120, Eng 1160, Speech 1185 & math 1103, 1120 or 1140
  • Complete "C" or higher in EDUC 1040 & 1174
  • Register with Family Care Safety
  • Professional Interview
  • Complete Missouri Educator Profile

Degree requirements:

  • 46 hours of general education, including nine hours of communication, 12 hours of humanities, 15 hours of social sciences and 10 hours of natural sciences/mathematics
  • 78 hours of English education, including 26 hours of professional courses, 16 hours of clinical experience and 36 hours of English

Departmental contact:

For a complete list of courses offered by the English department, please visit the course catalog

Students are strongly recommended to work closely with their advisors in planning their major curriculum.