Although our department consists of two separate disciplines—English and technical communication—there are similarities and some overlap between the two. If you have a love of writing, reading, and other forms of communication, our programs in either discipline will be a good fit for you.


The discipline of English includes literary studies, composition and rhetoric, creative writing, and English education. A degree in English is ideal for students who want to pursue a professional career in management and administration, sales and marketing, writing and editing, research and investigation, human resources and public relations. A degree in English Education is ideal for those who want to pursue a career in teaching middle and high school students.


Technical Communication

The discipline of technical communication focuses on the study of visual, written, and spoken communication in a wide variety of professions. It enables people to use technology effectively, to understand technology, and to make effective decisions about real-world problems. A degree in technical communication is ideal for students interested in web design and usability, technical writing and editing, online help development, content development, managing documentation, and information architecture.


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