Course offerings

Our department offers a number of undergraduate English and technical communication and graduate technical communication courses online for both local and distance students.

When registering for classes, distance (off-campus) students should sign up for the DIS section (listed as 1DIS), while local (on campus) students should sign up for the regular section, usually listed as either 1A or 1B. Not all online courses are dual-listed as DIS and regular, but many are. Some courses are offered online in the summer only.

There are four types of online courses:

  • Online only: All sections of a course meet only in an online format, either synchronous (at the same time) or asynchronous (at different times).
  • Both: In these courses, there is a traditional classroom section (or several) and a separate online section. The two formats—traditional and online—are usually offered in the same semester, but they may be offered in different semesters.

  • Hybrid: Some of the students in a section of a course attend all class periods online while other students in the same section attend all class periods in a traditional classroom.

  • Blended: In this type of course, all of the students in a section attend some class periods online (or do an equivalent amount of asynchronous online work) and attend other class periods in a traditional classroom. At present, none of our courses are offered in a blended format, but in the past we have offered sections of ENGL 1220, ENGL 1160, and TCH COM 2560 in this format.

The following is the list of current courses offered online, and the format in which they are offered:

Courses Online only Both Blended Hybrid
ENGL 1120 Exposition and Argumentation   X    
ENGL 1160 Writing and Research   X    
ENGL/TCH COM 1600 Introduction to Technical Communication   X    
ENGL 1211 British Literature 1: Beginnings to 1800   X    
ENGL 1222 American Literature 2: 1864 to the Present    X    
ENGL 2244 Fantasy Literature    X    
ENGL/TCH COM 2560 Technical Marketing Communication   X    
ENGL 3001 Special Topics: Myth and Folklore   X    
TCH COM 3580 Special Topics: Business Writing  X      
ENGL 3560 Technical Writing   X    
TCH COM 3570 Writing in the Sciences   X    
TCH COM 4520 Help Authoring        X
TCH COM 4450 International Dimensions of Technical Communication  X      
TCH COM 4550 Proposal Writing       X
TCH COM 5510 Technical Editing  X      
TCH COM 5530 Usability Studies       X
TCH COM 5550 Advanced Proposal Writing       X
TCH COM 5610 History of Technical Communication X      
TCH COM 5620 Research Methods in Technical Communication X      
TCH COM 5560 Web-Based Communication        X
TCH COM 6450 Advanced International Technical Communication X      
TCH COM 6440 Advanced Theories of Visual Technical Communication       X
TCH COM 6600 Foundations of Technical Communication   X