Panoply 2021

The students in TCH COM 5540 Advanced Layout and Design wrote all the stories for the 2021 issue of Panoply, the department's annual newsletter. Drawing from this pool of stories, each student designed and laid out a version of the 2021 issue (covering the calendar year 2020). Below are examples of their designs.

Complete Newsletters

Chloe Francis

newsletter cover designed by Chloe Francis

Daniel Ochekwu

newsletter cover designed by Daniel Ochekwu

Page Sets

Neal Kisor

page design by Neal Kisor

Taylor Schubert

page design by Taylor Schubert

Martha Bentil

page design by Martha Bentil

Oluwafemi Osho

designed by Oluwafemi Osho

Mary Russell

designed by Mary Russell

Desmond Brempong

page desgin by Desmond Brempong

Individual Pages

Oluwafemi Osho

page designed by Oluwafemi Osho

Elizabeth Reardon

page design by Elizabeth Reardon

Kenneth Bansah

page desgin by Kenneth Bansah

Joy Amponsah

page design by Joy Amponsah

Oluwafemi Osho

page design by Oluwafemi Osho

Martha Bentil

page design by Martha Bentil

Christopher Williams

page design by Christopher Williams

Kenneth Bansah

page design and story by Kenneth Bansah

Vivian Barnes

designed by Vivian Barnes

Rudi Starek

page design by Rudi Starek

Desmond Brempong

designed by Desmond Brempong

Neal Kisor

designed by Neal Kisor