Dr. Daniel Reardon



Research Interests: Composition Pedagogy, Writing Program Administration, Popular Culture, Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature, and Game Studies.

Dr. Reardon received a B.A. in Speech and Theater from Avila College in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1986; a B.A. in English from the University of Missouri-Kansas City in 1988; and a D.A. in English from State University of New York-Albany in 1993.  His courses include:

  • English 1160: Writing and Research
  • English 3170: Teaching Reading and Writing
  • English 2243: Science Fiction
  • English 2244: Fantasy Literature

Dr. Reardon's article with Dr. Alexander Wulff, writing center director at St. Louis University, titled: "Assessment as Living Documents of Program Identity and Institutional Goals: A profile of Missouri University of Science and Technology's Composition Program," will appear in the September 2015 volume of Composition Forum.

His article with Jossalyn Larson, S&T Library Information Senior Specialist, “Reimagining the Stacks: Classroom Technology and Library Collaboration for Writing in the Disciplines” will appear in the September 2015 issue of The Journal of Student Success in Writing.  And Dr. Reardon’s chapter, “The Myers-Webb Approach to Positive Disposition Through Feedback Training in Preservice Teacher Education” will be featured in the international edited collection, Teacher Disposition: A Global Perspective, in April 2016.

He has also published an article entitled " Writing Center Administration: Learning the Numbers Game" in the Spring 2010 issue of Praxis: A Writing Center Journal. That same year, Dr. Reardon was selected to participate in a research panel for the Department of Education in Washington, D.C. Dr. Reardon and other members of the panel conducted alignment studies which assessed standardized reading comprehension tests.

Dr. Reardon recently presented a paper in 2015 at the Society for Cinema and Media Studies international conference in Montreal, Canada, titled “From Multiplicity to Convergence: Character Transference in the Batman: Arkham Series.”

Dr. Reardon has received Missouri S&T eFellows grants for course redesign using educational technology and online delivery methods.  He is also the recipient of a Faculty Achievement Award in 2010 and a Faculty Teaching Award in 2012.

In sponsorship with the S&T C.L. Wilson Library, Dr. Reardon and Jossalyn Larson started S&T Peer to Peer, a student peer-reviewed and edited journal of Missouri S&T scholarly undergraduate research.  Research papers from every discipline at S&T will be selected by blind student review from among the best submissions in English 1160: Writing and Research course sections.