Technical Communication

Technical communication, whether written, oral, or visual, enables people to use technology effectively, to understand technology, and to make effective decisions about real-world problems. The department offers undergraduate and graduate programs in technical communication. Technical communication students, upon completion of their degrees or certificates, can have interesting and rewarding careers in almost any industry. They are usually employed as Web designers, usability specialists, technical writers, technical editors, teachers of technical communication, online help developers, information architects, content developers, and documentation managers. Visit the Careers in Technical Communication page for information on the kinds of jobs technical communicators do, companies that hire them, and remuneration.

Academic Programs



Students in the above programs can take a full range of technical communication courses offered by the department.



The technical communication faculty are active in such organizations as the Society for Technical Communication, the Association of Teachers of Technical Writing, the IEEE Professional Communication Society, the Council for Programs on Technical and Scientific Communication, and the National Council of English Teachers. They have published articles and books on subjects such as visual theory, software documentation, history of rhetoric and logic, technical marketing communication, and the history of technical communication.

The following faculty teach undergraduate and graduate technical communication courses:


Technical communication classes are taught in both traditional and computer-assisted classrooms. The computers in CSF 114 are equipped with some of the latest writing and visual design applications.

Career, Co-op & Internship Opportunities

Technical communicators find employment in almost any industry whose customers must understand and interpret technology. The Career Opportunities and Employee Relations (COER) at Missouri S&T helps students procure internships, co-ops and full-time jobs. In addition to this, the department offers unique internships with on-campus departments, local businesses and government agencies. By getting involved in organizations on campus, students obtain work experience in the area of their interest.


For news on the technical communication programs, faculty and students, visit the Tech Com @ Missouri S&T Blackboard site.