The department offers a cooperative master's degree in English and undergraduate degrees in English and English Education and minors in English. The English degree is ideal for students who want to pursue a professional career in management and administration, sales and marketing, writing and editing, research and investigation, human resources and public relations. The English Education degree is ideal for those who want to pursue a career in teaching middle and high school students.

Academic Programs



Students in the above programs can take a full range of English courses offered by the department.



The department has award-winning faculty members who are leading scholars in their fields. They have published scholarly papers, articles, poems, stories and books on subjects such American literature in the 1920s, Irish literature, horror fiction, Southern culture, seventeenth-century British literature, and medicine in Victorian literature. The Faculty Directory lists the faculty in the department.


English classes are taught in both traditional and computer-assisted classrooms with screens for viewing films and Internet projections. Some English classes, such as ENGL 160 Technical Writing, are taught in CSF 114.

Career, Co-op & Internship Opportunities

In addition to the internship and co-op opportunities offered by the Career Opportunities Center (COC), the department offers unique internships with on-campus departments, local businesses and government agencies. Students in the teaching certification program get actual classroom experience through a semester of practice teaching.