Social Media in Industry (12 credits)


This minor is intended to supplement existing degree programs by preparing students to use social media in the workplace. Students will learn how to write for social media, brand and market products via social media, use social media to conduct user research, and create and manage social media sites such as user forums. Almost every major company in the United States is now actively pursuing social media as a method for branding and building relationships with customers. There is a demand for employees with professional (rather than just casual) training in social media use.

Required Courses

ENGL 3550 or TCH COM 3550 Writing for Social Media (3 credits)

TCH COM 3580 Business Communication (3 credits)

ENGL 2560 or TCH COM 2560 Technical Marketing Communication (3 credits)

One of the following: (3 credits)

  • TCH COM 5560 Web-Based Communication
  • TCH COM 4520 Help Authoring
  • TCH COM 3440  Theory of Visual Technical Communication


Contact: Dr. Carleigh Davis (