IEP Alumni

See what students have to say about our program.

"I am truly grateful for the time I spent in the IEP at S&T. The classes gave me a solid foundation for understanding and honing my skills in the English language. Faculty and staff members were so supportive and always willing to help us reach our goals. It was in the IEP where I learned lessons and skills that have opened many doors for me at the academic level." 

- Mohanad Abdulazeez, Civil Engineering

"I learned a lot as I developed my English language skills, specifically with listening and reading. I especially improved speaking with native speakers."

     - Talal Alharbi, Mathematics 

"It was an amazing experience learning English from native tutors. I have improved all the necessary English skills. However, writing was the skill that I benefited from most in the IEP."

     -Khaled Baamran, Chemical Engineering

"I learned to better understand the accent of American English, which is far different from Indian English."

     -Raja Babu Kamma, Electrical Engineering

"The program was excellent. Classes were small, so you can quickly get feedback and opinions from classmates and lecturers." 

     - Kazuma Kobayashi, Nuclear Engineering

"The reading class and listening class were really helpful for me when I started university classes. It is hard for an international student to be comfortable with a lecture at the very beginning."

     - Jiahang Li, Business Administration 

"My English language proficiency improved in all areas after taking the classes in the IEP. In my case, my grammatical mistakes improved, my skimming skills improved from the reading class, and the listening class helped me stay focused during long lectures. My writing skills improved a lot and so did my confidence in writing. Seminar taught me more about S&T and gave me the opportunity to communicate with native English speaking students. Conversation Partners really helped me a lot in my pronunciation and made me confident to open up to talk with others in English."

     - Debasis Roy, Computer Science


"I remember when I started my English program, I was a little shy. The program allowed me not only to considerably improve my level in English, but to overcome my fear of speaking English in public."

     - Assa Samoura, Civil Engineering

"The learning atmosphere was very good, which gave me the motivation to study."

     - Yue Wang, Information Science and Technology

"I studied English in the IEP for one year. It is such a good program and helped me improve my English skills. There are a lot of fun events in the IEP. For instance, once a week, visitors can come to Conversation Partners and communicate with students from different countries. So not only do you learn English, but also you can meet lots of friends here and learn more about American culture."

     - Tingting Xu, Business Administration