Ms. Elizabeth Roberson



Elizabeth earned an associate’s degree in business administration, a bachelor’s degree in English, and a bachelor’s degree in creative writing from Drury University, and later a master’s degree in technical communication from Missouri S&T. Her thesis, "The History of Technical Communication Instruction at Missouri University of Science and Technology: The Evolution of a Curriculum," was only the second thesis ever completed in technical communication at Missouri S&T.

Ms. Roberson collaborated with Dr. David Wright, Dr. Ed Malone, Gowri Saraf, Tessa Long, and Irangi Egodapitiya on the article "A History of the Future: Prognostication in Technical Communication: An Annotated Bibliography," which appeared in the November 2011 issue of Technical Communication Quarterly.  She collaborated again with Drs. Malone and Wright on "Technical Communication at Missouri S&T: Challenges and Strategies," which appeared in the Spring 2015 issue of Programmatic Perspectives.

Ms. Roberson became a lecturer in the Department of English and Technical Communication during the Fall 2011 semester.  At the end of that semester, she left the department to become a full-time technical editor in the Office of Graduate Studies at Missouri S&T, working with graduate students for nearly four years to help them improve the quality of their publications. During that period, she also worked as a lecturer at Southwest Baptist University.

She teaches both English 1600 Introduction to Technical Communication and English 3560 Technical Writing on a regular basis.


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